Sunday, July 10, 2016

Jane's Reign: Day Two!

It's a very exciting day! Today the Lady Janies are going to sit down together (well, not together, since we all live in different towns) but AT THE SAME TIME and watch one of our all time favorite movies:

Anybody want a peanut?

We love this film so very much, and it was a source of major inspiration for us while we were writing MY LADY JANE. In fact, if you look hard enough, you'll find little nods to THE PRINCESS BRIDE all over MLJ.

So today we're going to celebrate all the silliness and hot hot Cary Elwes and fantasy that makes you laugh and watch this movie together. Please, please join us at :


You can livestream the movie at Netflix (click here), Amazon Prime (click here), or just watch your own copy. Please follow our twitter accts (@cynthiahand, @brodiashton, @jodimeadows) and see our comments and make your own at #princessbridelivetweet

When the movie is over, check back here for a list of questions you'll be able to answer only if you've seen the movie. Email us your answers, and you'll be entered to win a hilarious Princess Bride  / MY LADY JANE prize package. Winners will be announced on the Jane's Reign Prize Day, July 18.

And don't forget to come back here throughout the week for a new fun event and giveaway every single day of Jane's Reign.

See you soon over at Twitter! And have fun storming the castle!

QUESTIONS (after watching the film). 

**Send your answers to**

 The most correct answers will be in the running to win a prize pack:

1. What is the real meaning of "As you wish?"

2. "What do Vizzini and Co claim to be when they meet Buttercup?"

3. How many times is the word "Inconceivable" used in the movie?

4. Who is the six fingered man?

5. Whose cup does Westley put the poison into?

6. How many times in the movie do Buttercup and Westley kiss?

7. How many ships does Humperdinck say he'll send to find Westley?

8. How many years does Humperdinck put on the machine to kill Westley?

9. How much money does Inigo offer Miracle Max to revive Westley?

10. Why does Westley say Buttercup and Humperdinck aren't married?

Bonus points:

We will give you an extra point for each time we quoted or tipped our hats to THE PRINCESS BRIDE in MY LADY JANE. (There are a bunch!) Name the page and the paragraph.

Thanks for watching with us! We had a blast. Tomorrow: Cynthia takes us through how to make her POISON Blackberry pie, along with a recipe / cooking contest.


  1. I missed the live tweet :( But I've seen this movie so many times (it's my favourite!!) that I'm pretty sure I can answer all the questions except #3 without rewatching or checking my answers. Now I'm off to go find your tweets!!

  2. I'm composing my entry for this contest and I have a few questions! I found a few moments in My Lady Jane that I think are nods to The Princess Bride, but I'm not completely sure. Is there some penalty for including these, if it turns out that they're actually not? And, this might seem a little silly, but I'm not sure how to count the paragraphs on the page haha. Is the 1st paragraph of the page considered the paragraph at the very top, even if it's a continuation of the last paragraph on the previous page, or the very first indented paragraph on that page? Thank you!