Sunday, July 17, 2016

Jane's Reign: Day Nine

Day Nine! Today is the last day Jane's reign before our favorite queen is deposed! Don't forget that you can still enter all of our contests for our array of fun prize packs until midnight tonight. The winners will be announced tomorrow. Good luck!

Today's post is about hat tips. One of the things we had the most fun with while writing MY LADY JANE was finding places to tip our hats to our favorite movies and books. MLJ is loaded with Easter eggs. Some of them are pretty overt, (inconceivable!) and some are pretty sneaky.

Here's a list of some of the books and movies we paid tribute to in MLJ:

The Princess Bride. Obviously.
Monty Python. Because nobody expects the Monty Python.
Tangled. Who knew?
Game of Thrones. Because we too have games and thrones in our book.
Ever After. One of the best rebelling a of Cinderella ever, with the worst English accents.
Star Wars. Because all good fantasies of whatever genre owe something to Star Wars.
Shakespeare (there are actually over 50 Shakespeare quotes in MLJ, for. . . .reasons.)

And so many more!

So here's today's contest: find as many hat tips as you can in MY LADY JANE and email us a list--with the line and the page number, preferably. You'll already have an advantage in this contest if you've done our Princess Bride search. Happy hunting!

The Prize:

The biggest prize of all! The Lady Janies are currently writing our next Jane book (but, er, we can't tall you much about it yet. But it is so funny, and we're having the best time writing it!) So the prize for this contest is YOUR NAME (in some form) IN OUR NEXT BOOK. Basically, you'll get a character named after you!

Tune in tomorrow for our list of winners!

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