Friday, July 15, 2016

Day Seven of Jane's Reign: Gifford, Cary Elwes, Comedy and a Contest!

Hello, yon Janieville!

Today, Day Seven of Jane's Reign, we are paying tribute to her real husband, Lord Guildford Dudley, and our version of her husband, Gifford (Call him G).

Here's the real Guildford:

And here's Wesley. From Princess Bride. Because if you've read My Lady Jane, you understand how much we love Princess Bride.
                     Image result for wesley princess bride

Sometimes we picture Cary Elwes when we picture our Gifford. We often get asked how our characters match up with the historical ones, so below we have compiled the similarities and differences between historical Guildford and our own beloved G.

Guildford Dudley
Gifford (Call him G)
Like 9, dude.
Two. Stan and Gertie.
Hair Color
Chestnut (of the Chestnut Steed Variety)
Conniving Father?
Yes. Evil too.
Did He Eagerly Anticipate Marriage to Jane Grey?
Wedding Night?
Got food poisoning.
Got sloshed.
Carved Jane’s name in the Tower of London?
Yep. Twice.

Yep. Once. Before he was saved by a… weasel? Large squirrel? No, cat-snake!
Yes, he is. From sun up to sun down.
Is Shakespeare?
We’re merely authors, not Shakespeare experts. Who are we to say? Anyone could have been the real Shakespeare. Heck, my grandma might be Shakespeare.
Was handsome?
He would never dream of saying so. He simply knows his friends have called him handsome on several occasions.
Loved reading books?
Truthfully, he preferred nibbling books rather than reading them.  What’s the harm in that? You’ve heard of people devouring books, haven’t you?
*Ducks as Jane hurls book toward head*
Was beheaded?
Yes. And burned.
Read the book!

Now for the contest! First, tell us your favorite Cary Elwes movie in the comments. Last, email us  (at your favorite pic of Cary Elwes. 

We'll choose our favorite from the entries, and you will receive a signed copy of Cary Elwes book! (Reminder that all winners will be announced on July 18th). 


  1. Fave Cary Elwes Movie is either Princess Bride or Men in Tights, jsut how often it breaks the fourth wall is hilarious.

  2. My favorite would have to be Princess Bride. It's a masterpiece.

  3. Ella Enchanted! (He was Evil Uncle Edgar!!!) Also, did you know Cary Elwes actually played Guildford Dudley in the 1986 Lady Jane movie?!?! Mind = blown

  4. I have to say Men In Tights. I cried with laughter!!

  5. Okay I love Princess Bride, but the other movies are Robin Hood and Hot Shots.

  6. I loved him in many movies but I will always hold a special place in my heart with Liar Lair. "The claw, the claw's coming at ya. You're scared of the claw" lol

  7. GLORY; he made me laugh , he made me cry. Why did he have to die?

  8. Without a doubt, "The Princess Bide" is my favorite Cary Elwes film. He was also pretty fabulous in "Psych" the tv series. ;-D

  9. I have to go with The Princess Bride on this one.

  10. Men in Tights is one of my favorites!
    of course there's honorable mention for being in Psych, the X-Files