Saturday, May 7, 2016

Big News

We're one month away from MY LADY JANE hitting the shelves! This is always the part of the publishing process that's the toughest (UGH the waiting), but it's also the part where a bunch of super exciting stuff happens. We have some big news! Warning: this post is going to have a lot of exclamation points!!!!

News Item #1

MY LADY JANE is going to be printed in England! We consider this to be something of a miracle, since we're talking about messing with English history here, but it's happening! It will be released on September 1, 2016, with this cover:

We are totally and completely charmed by this cover! We giggled for hours after we saw it-- Gifford with a horse head! The eye-rolling Jane! The way "not entirely" is scribbled into the title! We are so happy that our readers in the U. K. will get to read this book!

News Item #2

MY LADY JANE is going to be an audio book! It will be released on June 7--the same day as the hardcover. It's narrated by Katherine Kellgren, who we picked specifically because we loved the way she narrated Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It will be the coolest thing ever to hear this proper British voice telling our little Jane story. We can't wait to hear it!

News Item #3 (You might want to sit down for this one. . .)

MY LADY JANE is on its way to being made into a movie!

Now everybody take a deep breath, because we have to clarify that the book is in the very beginning stages of this process, and having your book being made into a film is a long and difficult road. It could be a really long time. Or it could be never.

But still. . .

Ridley Scott's company, Scott Free, is currently working on the development of MY LADY JANE for the big screen.

This is crazy exciting news to us. We love Ridley Scott's films so much, and we're completely thrilled and honored to have his name attached to our book!

News Item #4

We're going on tour! We can't announce the wheres and whens just yet, but the Lady Janies will be traveling all over the country in June, signing and meeting our readers and having a veritable blast. Check back soon on our Events page for the details.

And. . . that's all our news!


  1. So much awesome news!! Hope to see you guys in Boston for the tour!!! :D

  2. That's "all" your news?!? That's an amazing amount of mind blowingly (that's a word now) epic news! Huzzah for the Lady Janies!

  3. This is crazy!! Can't wait for all of the things!