Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Lady Janies read . . . random pages.

We Janies love hanging out together, be it in person (the best!) or on video chat (definitely cheaper), and one of our favorite activities is reading. From our book. It takes us back to when we were first writing MY LADY JANE and every night we'd read aloud what we'd written that day.

This week, we thought we'd read to you guys. We had a few people pick random page numbers we should read from and the results were . . .

Well, you can see for yourself.

We hope you enjoyed our video! Maybe we should do another one?


  1. Oh goodness, this was SO MUCH FUN!! YES PLEASE MAKE MORE VIDEOOOOOS!!

    Damn, I need the book like yesterday! I'm sure I'm gonna be laughing my arse off while reading it!!

  2. Okay, this really sold me on it, as if I hadn't already been sold. This was fun! Thanks for doing this, and yeah, we'll watch more!

  3. You ladies are awesome, and I can't wait until "My Lady Jane" comes out! ;-D