Friday, September 18, 2015

On This Day . . . Happy Birthday, Brodi!

On this day in history, September 18 (and no, we’re not going to tell you the year, pbbt), our lovely co-writer BRODI ASHTON was born. And the world was suddenly a better place. So today we remaining Lady Janies would like to take this opportunity to talk about our friend Brodi.

(turns to Jodi) So, Jodi, what do you remember about when you first met Brodi?

Brodi and Jodi at Greenwich, England
As we’ve said many times before, we all met on the Dark Days tour in 2012. I was really, really nervous to meet everyone because I loved all the books so much, but I had Brodi’s phone number and thought I’d see if she wanted to do anything before our event that night. I texted. We met up. She was lovely. I was intimidated. Then we went to find a flat-iron since she’d forgotten hers. (This would become a trend. There was a hairdryer purchase while we were in England.) By the time we got the flat-iron situation worked out and had been talking non-stop for an hour, I felt like I’d met a writer soul mate. Plus, we were the two debuts of the group and, I think, both totally freaked out.

(passes the mic back to Cynthia) How about you?

Brodi and Cynthia in Times Square, NYC
I just remember immediately liking her; she was just so smart and funny and, like you, I liked her book so much, too. I had a brain-crush on both of you on account of your amazing books. Then there was a moment on the trip where we were all hanging out, talking about our lives, and we discovered a crazy coincidence between Brodi and me (which I won’t talk about here, because it’s pretty personal, cough), and it was the kind of thing that could have made things awkward, but later Brodi came up to me and said, “This is only going to make us closer friends, right?” And I was like, “YES.” And it did. That’s one of the things I love most about Brodi--her kindness and sheer open-heartedness. And I came away from that whole experience feeling like we were destined to be friends.

So, next question: Any favorite moments with Brodi that spring to mind?

Brodi and Cynthia facing their demons. . .
At least fifty or a hundred favorite moments. This one is hard! 

Yeah, I know. I’m having a hard time picking, too. (flashes back to the time that Brodi burned her bangs off with her flat-iron, or the time Brodi and I went to Disneyland together and faced our worst fears--namely enclosed-spaces and Winnie the Pooh--or the time Brodi and I went dress-shopping at the Trashy Diva in New Orleans, which means that I may be one of the only people ever to see Brodi Ashton in a DRESS, or the time. . . Gah, we’ve just had so many great times together!)

Brodi cracks Jodi up.
If I have to pick just one, I think I’d have to go with one of the quiet moments of the three of us just hanging out in our secret mountain hideaway, or the flat in London. Not doing anything special but having fun and being together.

I completely agree--I love those moments when we’re just laughing and talking and doing what we do. I also really enjoy that first few seconds when we finally see one another again after we’ve been apart awhile. We’re always so joyful and bouncy and thrilled to be together.

Gosh, yes, those are great. 

Okay, I have a question! What is one (and only one!) of your very favorite things about Brodi?

Sometimes she even cracks herself up. . .
So people are always quick to say how funny Brodi is, but I think what makes Brodi so funny is that she never takes herself too seriously--her humor comes from a very humble place, where she’s willing to be the punchline for her own joke. It’s a kind of witty vulnerability that I wish I could pull off--it’s completely charming.

How about you?

Wow, yeah, that witty vulnerability. Yes. I love it. Additionally, I love Brodi’s heart. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for a friend. Even though we live on almost opposite sides of the country, I know that Brodi would be at my door in an instant if I needed her to be.

She's always there to cheer you on.
Okay, last question now--because we could go on and on about Brodi, but we do have to wrap up this post. What are some things about Brodi that other people might not know?

Brodi is really at the heart of the humor in MY LADY JANE. All three Janies have a bracelet that reads WWBS, which stands for WHAT WOULD BRODI SAY? Brodi is the Janie with the keenest comedic instincts, so after we’d each finish our chapters, Brodi would go back over and “Brodify” them--as in, she’d make them funnier.

Also, Brodi has celiac disease, so she can’t eat gluten. Please stop bringing her cupcakes. It’s just mean. (You should probably go ahead and give all the cupcakes to Jodi, but that's a different post.) But Brodi does LOVE tomatoes. She's our tomato connoisseur.

Brodi is an amazing navigator. For our England trip, Cynthia planned where we’d go -- and Brodi’s the one who got us there. She studied the Tube maps, train schedules, and (except for any time she said “I’ve never been more certain in my life!” about a direction we were walking in a strange country) she never got us lost.

Cynthia's son loves Brodi, too!
Brodi is a great mom--she has two little boys, and I’m always impressed by how awesome she is as a parent. My kids love her so much, too. One time I was on a roadtrip tour with Brodi and we brought my daughter, who was about eighteen months old at the time, and every time we went anywhere, people assumed my daughter belonged to Brodi. They both had the same hair color, and my daughter was just enraptured with Brodi and hung on her every word. Then later in the airport as we were going home, my daughter realized that Brodi wasn’t with us anymore and threw a huge fit because she wanted to stay with Brodi. It was all, “where’s Bro-ee?” and “I want Bro-ee!”

So happy birthday, dear Brodi! You are a hilarious, talented, spectacular writer and a wonderful, thoughtful, amazing friend. We love you!


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