What's your newest book, and what is it about?

Our next book is called MY PLAIN JANE, and it just hit bookstores on June 26, 2018.

It is NOT a sequel to MY LADY JANE, in the sense that it is an entirely different story set in an entirely different world with different characters. But it is a follow up book to MY LADY JANE in that it is the three of us, Jodi, Cynthia, and Brodi, each writing a character, in which we take the story of a Jane and rewrite it to give that Jane the ending she deserves. 

MY LADY JANE was Jane Grey meets The Princess Bride/LadyHawke.

MY PLAIN JANE is Jane Eyre meets Ghostbusters (the new one with all the cool women).

There will also be a THIRD Jane book, MY CALAMITY JANE, out in summer of 2020.

How did the Lady Janies meet?

We met in Texas in 2012, when our publishers sent us on a book tour. At the end of that week we were fast friends, and throughout that next year we kept meeting up to do events together. Then we'd meet up because we just wanted to hang out. And then we decided to co-write a book so we'd have an even better excuse to spend time together. We kinda like each other.

Where did you get the idea for MY LADY JANE?

Cynthia had the idea. She'd always loved the figure of the Lady Jane Grey in British History. (Cynthia was a history minor in college, because she loved to listen to the tragic stories of the past.) She thought the Lady Grey story was TOO tragic. Here we have this awesome teenage girl who loves to read and write, who is infamously opinionated and strong-willed in a time where women are discouraged from being either. And then what happens to her? She ends up in a forced marriage to a boy she hardly knows. She becomes THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND, but only for nine days. And then, because she won't renounce her beliefs, she gets her head chopped off.

Cynthia wanted to rewrite that story to give Jane the ending she deserved. And that's how this novel started--revising history.

How do you write your books? Isn't it hard to get three different authors all working together on one story?

Actually, the writing process is surprisingly smooth. Our books are written from the point of view of three revolving characters, (Edward, Jane, and Gifford for MY LADY JANE, and Charlotte, Jane, and Alexander for MY PLAIN JANE) and we are each responsible for writing one character's story. We'll let you guess who wrote which. :) 

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  1. Are you going to create another book like My Lady Jane?

    1. Yes! We have another book called MY PLAIN JANE coming in Summer 2018.

  2. I love MY Lady Jane! It was funny and interesting and I can't wait to see if you write anything else together - I would totally read it!

  3. The new Jane books are going on my TBR list.

  4. Omg, please tell me who wrote what!!
    I’m guessing Cynthia wrote Edward/Jane
    Jodi wrote Edward/Gifford
    Brody wrote... Gifford

  5. Please please please write a sequel to my lady jane. i need to now what their lives were like after that adventure.